The OSFC Winter Fisheree weekend takes the first weekend of February each and every year. The event is chock full of music, food+ beverages, races, raffles, kids games and of course…the popular Pre-Battle Challenge fishing contest. The weekend’s festivities begin on Friday for “Brandan’s Bash” – which features live music from a local band, drinks and fun! The entertainment and fun rolls into Saturday where we have 4×4 and moto-races, raffles, children’s games and fishing. This event has been popular in the community for decades, and we could not do it without our hard working volunteers, generous sponsors, and supporters. Pick up your Pre-Battle Challenge fishing tickets and raffle tickets at Jerry’s Bar in Oshkosh!

2019 Event Details: 

  • Be sure to pick up some raffle tickets (for sale at Jerry’s Bar in Oshkosh) as well as your #PreBattleChallenge tickets as well! Raffle tickets are on sale now throughout the entire Fisheree; #prebattle tickets must be purchased BY midnight on Friday, February 1st!

2018 Fisheree Results:

final final prebattle

Luke Peters; 11 years old with a 1.125# crappieIMG_8100

PastnWinter Fisheree Winners: