We’d love your support.

Donations are one of the ways we are able to fund the many conservation projects we do each and every year. Help us focus on the betterment of the Lake Winnebago!

Please consider making a donation to the Otter Street Fishing Club. Thank you!

Featured Otter Street Contributions

  • Monetary donation to Oshkosh Fire Department for new ice rescue equipment (contributions to rescue boat, hovercraft, ice saws, etc.)
  • Financial donations and several conservation projects in conjunction with the WI-DNR. Including most recently Walleye Tagging project and Sauger Project.
  • 100% FREE annual Kid’s Fisheree for 300+ children, promoting good sportsmanship and a love for angling in our youth.
  • Build and maintain several fishing piers around Oshkosh, WI (most recently Bowen St. Pier, and New York St. Pier)
  • Reefs on Lake Winnebago and Poygan system
  • Railroad Bridge to Fishing Pier conversion – to increase ease of access for anglers to Lake Winnebago
  • Boat Launches in Oshkosh, WI (see some OSFC work at Mill St. launch, Rainbow Park launch and more)
  • Ice Road Maintenance and Ice Bridges to promote safe ice travel during the winter months to anglers (average 3 month season includes 500-750+ volunteer hours as well)
  • Any Fin is Possible (donations for children with special needs to be able to participate in fishing)
  • Oshkosh Rec Dept. summer fishing program to keep kids engaged and outdoors during summer months
  • Financial donations to the Woods and Waters program
  • ….and so much more!