2022 Tournament Results!

TO BEGIN…we’d be remiss if we didn’t immediately thank all of the anglers that participated in our event, the generous sponsors who help us keep things cutting edge, and our loyal volunteers who make this thing “go.” We appreciate you all so much.

Now, what you came here for…the results. Check out the full results + prizes here.

Congratulations to this year’s first place team: Chris Lemieux and Steve Henning, coming in hot with 43.10 lbs, two-day combined weight. Awesome; enjoy that $20K first place prize.

AND…check out a 🎥 quick snapshot of our Top 10 teams + Big Fish Winners
Congrats to all teams who placed in this year’s event and thank you to all anglers, sponsors, spectators and especially, our volunteers. We appreciate your support in making this years’ event another fun, competitive, smashing success!

Once again, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, and one last thanks for an excellent year. Til next time!

-Otter Street Fishing Club

The 2022 Election of Officers, Calendar Raffle & Walleye Updates


At last night’s Club Meeting we held the annual Election of Officers/Board.

  • We have a new OSFC President, Chris Anderson! Chris is always one of the hardest workers in the room and has been a key player with our summer Walleye Tourney. He’s also an absolute rockstar with our sponsors.
  • We welcome a new Vice President as well: Bob Hable, one of our key Ice Guys putting in hundreds of hours a year there and he also spearheads many of our raffles.

Please welcome them to their new post!

We also want to thank past OSFC President, Jim Erdman for his years of leadership and the growth-mindset he’s brought to the Club. Jim will continue to serve on our Board of Directors, and be a huge asset to OSFC, especially as we head into our Walleye Tourney season. And, a big appreciation goes out to our previous VP, Donnie Herman as well. Donnie, as you know, will continue to be a massive part of our ice operations among many other things, and we’re thrilled to say that he will also continue to serve on the Board!

Also up for re-election this year: Bill Brehmer and Scott Engel. Both were re-elected to the Board and remain huge parts of the good work we do in the community. We are grateful to our entire Board for their relentless work in the name of conservation, community growth and improvement to the Winnebago system. If you see them, please thank them. Our Board is 100% volunteer and do this because they truly care! Your 2022 OSFC Board is listed here.


Tickets for our APRIL CALENDAR RAFFLE are on sale now!! Check out the details below and grab your $25 ticket at Jerry’s, The Fountain, Wendt’s or Boom Bay NOW before they’re sold out!


We can’t believe we’re into MARCH already, but that means that its application time for our 2022 Summer Walleye Tourney. If you’ve fished the tourney in the past, your application went to the printers and will be mailed this week-ish. Otherwise you can download the application on our website later this week. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for all the updates.

Some other general updates:

  • Our 2022 Event will fill quickly. Like REALLY quickly, so get on getting your application in as soon as the deadline allows. Apps cannot be post-marked before March 31st 2022.
  • Tourney Dates: June 18th -19th, 2022
  • CRR Format once again….last year went well and we expect this year to go even more smoothly.
  • We opened up the tourney to 360 boats this year to allow the opportunity for more teams to get in.
  • $125,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs again this year
  • Check the event page for further details about the tournament

More info will come on the tourney, CRR FAQ’s, updates, etc. So be sure to follow us and Battle on Bago on Facebook.

Tourney Weekend is Upon Us….Anglers – Read On….

➖First of all, who’s jacked and ready for a fun weekend full of fishing, spectating (thank you, H2H!!), food and beverages as we see who will take 1st in our OSFC/BOB Summer Edition Tourney….CRR style!! $20,000 on the line for that top prize 💵

…..So, if you’re an angler: we’ve published a helpful “Angler FAQ” document for you to review, as we know CRR may be new to some. PLEASE take the time to review all of the resources mades available to you! Here is a direct link to the FAQ Aid and here is a direct link to the Event Page, which holds all of your 2021 information – from roster, to rules, to bump board aids and more.

Weather is looking pretty damn good for the tournament as well! 👌🏽

Also, Happy early Father’s Day to all of you rockstar dads out there – we’re looking forward to celebrating the anglers and YOU this weekend!

If you have specific questions – reach out to Tournament Directors Jim Erdman and Glenn Curran at the #’s listed in your resource documents. If you’re not already, follow both Otter Street and Battle on Bago on Facebook as we will be posting more as the week goes on pertaining to flight times, reminders, and as the weekend approaches – live updates to the tournament. ➖

2021 Tournament Roster

Check out the 2021 Otter Street – Battle on Bago Walleye Tournament Roster here.

Be sure to check out the event page for angler resources, files and follow us on Facebook for the most current event details.

Bump Boards, Checklists, Resources and More…

JUNE 19TH – JUNE 20TH 2021

The Otter Street-Battle on Bago Walleye Tournament is right around the corner and will be here before we all know it. We filled this year in record time (about 3 weeks from opening date to full + wait list). Congratulations to all teams who will be participating in this year’s event – competing for their share of $125,000 in cash and prizes, with the 1st place team taking home $20K.

We’ve updated the tournament home page with angler resources for you to review. You can see high level overview below as well. Know that we will be amping up the resources in the coming weeks with video demonstrations on some of the key tenets of CRR. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to all up to date info.

  • Important Angler Information + CRR resources:
    • The official tournament rules for the 2021 tournament are located here.
    • CRR Bump Board Aid for visual reference and instructions for use
    • Angler Equipment Checklist
    • Live video coverage of the fishing both days of the tournament, with cameras in the Top 10’s boats day 2 covered by Head2Head
    • Additional CRR resources and videos are forthcoming – follow us on Facebook for all current details. View gallery below for the sample filled out scorecard.
    • For general tournament questions, reach out to Tournament Directors Jim Erdman and Glenn Curran at the contact info listed in the application.

As always, thanks for your support of the Otter Street Fishing Club – be sure to join the club as an #OTTERSTREETMEMBER to help us extend our reach, and of course enjoy the perks of supporting your local fishing club.

Visual gallery of appropriate bump board use, along with an example of filled out scorecard: 🎣