We shared with you yesterday the top placing anglers, first place team and the prize listing. We’d also like to share some of the honorary awards we were able to give out during the tournament.

Each year we award a Volunteer Dedication Award AND an Angler Lifetime Achievement, please check out the awards below:

Volunteer Dedication:


This year’s award goes to Howie Dodge. In the words of Terry Wohler, OSFC Treasurer and longtime companion of Howie: “Howie was everything, he was VP, President, started the walleye tournament…Howie was 100%. He worked 12 months out of the year for Otter Street.” Howie’s family joined the Board on stage to accept the honor in his memory. Check the comments for the pic 📸

Howie’s family accepting the award on his behalf.

Angler Lifetime Achievement Award:

This year’s 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award goes out to the angling team of Mike O’Brien and Mike Schrage. 2 time OSFC Walleye champs. 25+ years of fishing this tournament = now that’s angler loyalty! Thanks for your years of support and dedication to the #OtterStreetFishingClub

Catch the speech here:

Special Appreciation Speech from Jan Golliher on the behalf of the entire Golliher family:

We shared earlier this week the story of Greg Golliher and the recovery journey he’s on right now from his massive stroke about 2 months back. Greg’s wife, Jan shared some personal sentiments to the crowd on Sunday afternoon as the walleye tournament came to a close. So many thanks to you Jan for sharing updates with us. We continue to pray and send positive, healing vibes. Also, thank you to all who signed Greg’s card. It’s so heartwarming to see anglers and the fishing community band together yo support one of our own. Lastly below is also an additional video clip sharing sentiments of appreciation to the community for their support.

🔥 Fun fact – Greg won OSFC 3 times. THREE. TIMES. Damn! As Jan said, the goal is for Greg to get back to what he loves doing – being out on that lake!! 🔥

Jan’s speech: https://fb.watch/6gNiOtF0O4/

A picture of the custom card donated by a local woodworker, designed by OSFC Secretary, Julie Nikolaus

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