➖First of all, who’s jacked and ready for a fun weekend full of fishing, spectating (thank you, H2H!!), food and beverages as we see who will take 1st in our OSFC/BOB Summer Edition Tourney….CRR style!! $20,000 on the line for that top prize 💵

…..So, if you’re an angler: we’ve published a helpful “Angler FAQ” document for you to review, as we know CRR may be new to some. PLEASE take the time to review all of the resources mades available to you! Here is a direct link to the FAQ Aid and here is a direct link to the Event Page, which holds all of your 2021 information – from roster, to rules, to bump board aids and more.

Weather is looking pretty damn good for the tournament as well! 👌🏽

Also, Happy early Father’s Day to all of you rockstar dads out there – we’re looking forward to celebrating the anglers and YOU this weekend!

If you have specific questions – reach out to Tournament Directors Jim Erdman and Glenn Curran at the #’s listed in your resource documents. If you’re not already, follow both Otter Street and Battle on Bago on Facebook as we will be posting more as the week goes on pertaining to flight times, reminders, and as the weekend approaches – live updates to the tournament. ➖

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