As you know, our Otter Street/Battle on Bago Walleye Tournament is F-U-L-L, full! Which means, our trusted Tournament Directors, Jim Erdman and Glenn Curran have a bit of time to enjoy the sport themselves! Glenn and Jim will be fishing in the Merc Nationals Walleye Tournament this upcoming weekend (June 7th-9th)…but, *plot twist* they are not only competing against the other anglers, they are also competing against each other: Jim’s partner is Jeremy Hurst – his longtime friend and fishing buddy, while Glenn will be fishing with his pal, Curt Stam. Jim and Glenn have a friendly little side bet going on which team will place higher, but we’re looking for your input. Who do you think will “win” this bet among friends…are you #TeamJim or #TeamGlenn and what are your guesses as to what their final weights will be? Sound off in the comments section below to let us know!

Mercury Nationals is a 300 team walleye tournament headquartered out of Fond du Lac, WI with many family friendly festivities in addition to the fishing. Walleye Weekend is always a great time, so if you’re around be sure to support your OSFC/BOB Tourney Directors and see how they finish! Check out more information on the Mercury tournament here.

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  1. Team Jim, only because of Jeremy Hurst if he cant catch them he will dive in after them. Team Jim 27.27 Team Glenn 27.26

  2. My money is on team Erdman. He was 10th place last year. This year he will rise to the top and win. This guy knows how to fish.

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