Its still winter, but we’re looking towards summer already! Our Walleye Tournament will be held over Father’s Day weekend, like years past – June 15th & 16th. The 2019 Otter Street/BOB Walleye Tourney applications are ready for download. Visit the event page for our summer tournament for more details or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION!!

A couple of notable details for this year:

  • NEW: There’s a questionnaire included in the application – you and your partner need to fill this out and include it when you send your application back in!
  • NEW: Instead of a live weight bonus for fish (like we’ve done in years past), this year we will be doing a .25# deduction per dead fish.
  • We’ll accept 335 teams this year. This tournament fills up (and quickly) so, you’ll want to get your application in as soon as the entry window allows!
  • Speaking of entry applications post-marked prior to March 15th 2019 will be accepted.
  • Confirmation letters will be e-mailed out to teams entered to confirm entry and team number

We are looking forward to another GREAT tournament!! If you have any tournament specific questions, please contact our Tournament Directors: Jim Erdman (920-379-9052) or Glenn Curran (920-410-0313).


  1. Are you sending out applications to the teams that were in last year? I didn’t get one yet and they have to be in in lest than a week.

    1. Hey Corey –
      Applications were mailed last week + a PDF was posted to our site prior to that; you should’ve received a paper copy of the application if you’ve fished it before. If you didn’t yet, feel free to download it from our site to get it in! Thank you!!

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