What: An “everyone’s welcome” Ice Party (if weather and ice permits). There should be about 30 plow trucks out there – there will be food but you have to bring your own refreshments! 

Where: A get together at the 5 mile trees off from Quinney

When: Saturday, February 17th – starts at 1:30pm-ish

Who: All fishing clubs and anybody else that wants to come out to get together! We’d love to see you; if the weather holds up…there’s a party – so come out and hang!!


The most recent ice update we have is from SUNK:

2 – 14 – 18 ice bridge and road report: This is an updated map it’s not totally 100% accurate but it’s pretty close we were out yesterday put on 80 miles on lake Winnebago and drove on almost all the roads and found out where all the cracks were as you can see from the previous map some of the cracks froze up you can drive just about anywhere from the foot of the lake 2 Merritt Street cross country and not have a problem after you get over the first Bridge. We also connected with Paynes Point and from there you can get to the East Shore to Stockbridge and Brickyard also the road is still great going to Quinney…..Have fun be safe and remember the ice is never 100% safe!”
Be sure to follow the Otter Street Fishing Club on Facebook, along with the SUNK? Dive and Ice page on FB as well!

P.S. If you feel so compelled, we’re always accepting new members and donations. This time of year is labor intensive for fishing clubs as it relates to keeping up with ice roads, trucks, plowing roads, maintenance, etc. Please consider donating to our Club or joining as a member. We’d love you forever! 


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